“Livres au trésor”: integrating a children’s literature collection in a university library • Created in the 1980s by librarians from the city of Bobigny, “Livres au trésor” is a completely new collection in the French academic landscape: originally created and used in a public reading context, now preserved, operated and enriched within a university library, it is singular both on a local and a national level, as well as a real asset for Sorbonne Paris Nord University (USPN). There is indeed no other resource centre of this size for children’s literature – it contains more than 50,000 documents – dedicated to scientific research and student training within a university library. The project received the CollEx label in 2018. It is a showcase for Sorbonne Paris Nord University and helps make it a pioneering institution in the field of childhood studies. It also perpetuates a legacy of public reading for the benefit of civil society and helps create a link between the university and its immediate environment.