The U3M plan for the Ile-de-France: perspectives 2000-2006

Having been sidelined for some time, Parisian universities are now being given priority in the "Universities of the 3rd Millennium" plan. Planned and developed during the years 1998-2000, this plan sets directions for higher education for the period 2000-2015. Jointly financed by the State and territorial authorities/collectivités, investments for the Ile-de-France will be concerned in particular with the construction of new university libraries up to the value of about 155.5 million euros. This programme has led to the defining of a global documentary strategy for a region which takes more than 25 % of French students. This means that the university programmes undertaken under the "Universities 2000" plan have to be completed, while at the same time providing some physical facilities, notably in Paris, and creating the conditions for an operational network. After a description of the main projects undertaken, the author concludes by analysing the risk factors and the hoped for outcome for this planning operation in the medium/long term.