A cheap ticket for retrieval

Presentation of the support provided by the DBMIST for the use of the databanks. According to an assessment of all the actions carried out since 1982, the cost remains the main barrier to the use of the databanks. The «Ticket modérateur» process which started in 1983 in the university libraries of Reims and Dijon, provided the users with important discounts (30% to 70%) in the practice of all databanks on French hosts. This service was offered to the whole university population : searchers, teachers and students ; they received ledger cards which enabled the management of inquiry pricing. The inquiries have grown from 35% to 100% according to the various subjects and the students are the main users. About 70 points are to be equiped and a single 40% discount will soon be applied ; the ledger cards will be replaced by a payment as per invoice.