The Objects of the library of the CNAM in 1983, or how to unite the past and the future.

The Library of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM) is both an academic library, specialized in science and technics, and a public library for autodidacts, journalists and historians : it is a reference centre for history of science, technology and industry. After a survey of its collections (which are bound up with the CNAM history) and a look at the building, will be described its organization that meets the following objects : to acquire and make accessible all types of recorded information supporting the program of the CNAM campus ; to be a central cell producing scientific and technical information (especially automated documentation) ; to accept the responsability of being a national reference centre on history of science and technology, to introduce automation step by step, and make the 30 libraries of the CNAM feel the need of a cooperation.