Collections management policy and open science: the new deal? Interview with Christine Ollendorff and Claire Nguyen • Christine Ollendorff is Director of Documentation and Forecasting at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (ENSAAM), leader of the Groupe de Travail Science Ouverte (GTSO, Open Science Working Group), and an elected member of Couperin’s professional board. Claire Nguyen is deputy director and head of the collections management policy department of the SCD at Paris Dauphine-PSL. She is also in charge of the SEG (Economic and Management Sciences) negotiation pole and a permanent guest of Couperin’s professional board. For the “Bulletin des bibliothèques de France”, Christine Ollendorff and Claire Nguyen examine the impact of open science on collections management policy and on the evolution of professionals’ skills.