Guaranteeing the quality of the library's management data: a collective challenge. Perspectives for the "Decision Analysis" mission led by the Directorate-General Delegate for Libraries and Support for Open Science (Grenoble-Alpes University) • Evaluation has been an important part of the strategy of the Grenoble-Alpes University libraries for many years. Tools, actions, and partnerships have been built over time in parallel with the acculturation of agents, creating an increasingly important role for the decision analysis approach within the Directorate-General Delegate for Libraries and support for open science (abbreviated "DGD BAPSO"). At the same time, information systems have multiplied with a resulting profusion of figures to be analyzed, making it essential to build a tool designed to accommodate such abundant indicators and to use them reliably and efficiently. These new requirements can be met by building a data warehouse. This project is part of a long process and in partnership with various university bodies.