What are the indicators of competence?

Tackling the question of the management of skills in libraries can appear both risky and paradoxical. Can it really be a matter of management by skills when the organisation of public structures is based on incontrovertible statutory principles? However, the development of individual and collective skills is an issue of slimming for all organisations undergoing permanent change. This thinking goes through a clarification of vocabulary, but equally through elaboration by a participative process of a certain number of tools: descriptions of activities, annual objectives, formalisation of skills. Beyond the technical aspects relative to the indicators of skills, it is not a matter of developing tools external to professionals, but of helping them to clarify what is expected and giving them markers to regulate their actions. While being careful not to introduce a procedural view of the work - a modernised form of Taylorism - the issue is to clarify work situations properly and to promote dialogue in the organisation.