Which classifications and arrangements to use for works of fiction? The question of boundaries

The classification of works of fiction in libraries remains, and will remain for a long time to come, a living issue. The questionings of librarians bear witness at one and the same time to their traditional wish for consistency in the management of collections and to their sociological approach to the reading habits of their clients. But this setting of boundaries between literatures, genres, periods, and countries, seems today to conflict with the direction of university thinking which, over the last few years, has attempted to do away with boundaries and to define fiction by its deep structure rather than by its categories. So what means can be adopted to add value to collections of fiction in a library, so that they may be tied in more closely to the romantic way as well as to the urban phenomenon and to the explosion of the Internet - that is to say, to the notion of a way that is loose, mixed, random and indefinitely renewable?