University library of Rennes 2 : results of the partnership between university and the French Ministry of Education

Library policy is a part of the goals and priorities of the contract signed in 1990 between the university of Rennes 2 and the French Ministry of Education. The results of this partnership show the institutional limits of the application of the contract which was drawn up at the same time as the division of the « bibliothèque interuniversitaire » and the setting up of the « Service commun de documentation » (University library together with department libraries). It goes on to analyze the main directions defined in the library element of the contract : computerization, financial and human resources. It shows the new way forward in acquisition policy marked, in 1991, by the building up of collections in the fields of economics and law, the establishment of a library resources evaluation process and the définition of parameters. The contract, despite obvious weaknesses, has engaged the Ministry and the university in a policy concerning the development of library services, a bringing together of professional practices and an attempt to achieve complementarity within the different services of the university.