Patrimonial preservation : a difficult economical approach

Establishing a global policy for patrimonial preservation is rather difficult. However it is absolutely needed on a very large scale. The need for microfilming facilities stays untouched, but it is factual only for document restauration. High priority is given to periodicals, but with hesitations between microfilming and optical medias. Two national workshops are currently in charge of restauration : the public library from Toulouse, and the Bibliothèque nationale, while ACRPP and the cooperative workshops (ARCOS in Sablé, Interbibly in Troyes, ACCES in Lille) are responsible for reproduction operations. The Rhône-Alpes ARCOLE project was initiated to develop a technical assistance for uninventoried and unclassified old and ancient collections, an expertise for old and rare books preservation, local and regional press conservation, a study of the evolution of patrimonial policies, and as a promotional vector. The city of Roanne intends to develop a microfilming workshop with ARCOLE as their scientific counsellor.