The Central lending library and the school.

Analysis and historical survey of the relations between central lending library and school. The establishment of the deposits inside the schools in 1945 was part of a traditional link existing between book and education. Later, due to some changes in the context (closing of schools and weakening of the social part of the teachers), the deposits that used to be open to the whole public have often centered upon the school service only. The continuing cooperation has even increased with the supply of books that are used as a support in active pedagogies. The system has been called into question again since 1978 with the provision of an important support to the communal equipments. In the meantime, the ministry of National Education is involved in a reading campaign which finds its expression in the new libraries-documentation centers. The devolution should lead to a new step and give way to the promotion of a real reading policy for children incorporated in the wider adults world and relying on the school and the central lending library at the same time.