Amendment of the education programmes giving scientific and technical personnel access to libraries - information and documentation services

Report introduced by M. Jean-Pierre Seguin to the « directeur du livre et de la lecture », and to the « directeur des bibliothèques, des musées et de l'information scientifique et technique ». Here are the main lines of the amendment project of librarian education : a better adjustment of library personnel education to the outstanding changes, the will that technical and scientific personnel can be appointed in any information and documentation center. In order to ease the development of professional mobility by a wide opening, a common cursus has been established for all personnels, in order to avoid strict specializations. The report suggests : a new cursus for the CAFB (see appendix) on one full year - specialization appearing at the choice of an option and special modules -, a new distribution of the regional centers for professional training, and the extension of the ENSB curriculum to two years.