Sibil, from the experimental project to the main programme : assessment and prospects, 1984-1994

In ten years, the Sibil France network has proved the interest of a computerized solution based on the shared cataloguing, for the creation of bibliographical data for university libraries. The experience was implemented in Montpellier in 1982-83 ; the system, developed in the Lausanne bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire (Switzerland) and exploited on the system of the Centre national et universitaire sud de calcul (Montpellier), has linked more than twenty university libraries and some research ones. From 13 900 (1986) to one million locations (1995), the importance of the participation of this network in the effort of creation of bibliographical data in France, are worth underlining. In competition with much more important data stocks (OCLC and Bibliothèque nationale), Sibil France found its own dynamics and created a coherent and high-quality basis. At the end of a very profitable cooperation with Rébus (Réseau des bibliothèques utilisant Sibil), Sibil France considers serenely its disappearance after its integration within the future university library system, in 1998.