Statutes, functions and organization charts

The statutory reform of the library personnel was necessary because of the evolution of the different paths of the state public service and of a change in the librarians' functions. However, the new statutes do not simply modernize the old statutory structure but bring up to date a new organization of the tasks within the libraries, apparent for several years without being expected or accepted. It tums out that it is now necessary to analyze the consequences of the publication of these new statutes. Otherwise the same problematic can be found with equivalent words within the state public service as well as within the territorial public service. The result of this analysis is that the new corps cover an organization of the libraries by professions understood as competence, savoir-faire, professional identity. Therefore it is urgent to see the consequences of this statutory "revolution" which is imperative for everybody, for the libraries organization, for the personnel and jobs management, and for the training politics.