Press and databanks : the interests at stake

Arguments for the development of press databanks in France. The French press is not always aware of its wealth in documents : to date, not many journals have really set up their documentation. Therefore, a spread of databanks should be on a par with a development of documentation centers. Taking account of the documentalists' experience is necessary in order to adjust the existing systems to the characteristics of the press. Though the solution of full text and free language inquiry is often put forward, it appears that this varying and rich material can be controlled with a specific indexing and abstracts. With the help of these new tools, the mass of information collected by the press will be enhanced for the journalist's benefit. But at the opening of these databanks to external users, coming after the free services, the problem of the cost of information is likely to arise. These are only experiments in that area; but it would be wise for the press, in the hard times, to add one string to its bow by promoting itself through the only means left : the databanks.