The Orientation of Conservation at the End of the Twentieth Century

In the area of the conservation of collections, the twentieth century has ended with numerous questions. The indexing of the publications of the Centre de recherches sur la conservation des documents graphiques on library materials shows the orientation of the demands and questions of users. Is this panorama representative of actual tendencies in the matter of research into conservation? A diversification of research themes and beneficiaries has been made possible through the existence of European works. Among the reports on the goals of research and the demands of users, one notes mass de-acidification. Is the use of permanent paper necessary, taking account of progress achieved in related sectors? Equally, disinfection is a recurrent problem on which alternative work is being carried out. New orientations are going to stand out; in the meantime, control of the environment remains the most effective rampart for the conservation of the material which composes the store of the libraries.