Artists' Books

In what way does an "artists' book" differ from a habitual book? The expression "livre d'artiste" or "artist's book" has for some years, for want - in French - of one more adequate, bracketed together several types of books. It obscurely, confusingly, applies to different editorial practices. Some, through this expression, would like to associate many families of artists and publishers. Attempting to define these henceforth famous books leads deep into meanders and dead-ends. Perhaps it is in this that their major quality resides (and their fault, for some). For or against, they escape systematisation, they resist us. It is as much to say that these books are situated on the margins, at the periphery of the general production of books to which all readers, all on-lookers are habituated. Books for experimentation, innovation, subversion - in many cases. Books as false doors. In any case, these publications must be considered as fully-fledged works (single or multiple).