Evaluating services: a case study at the inter-institutional library at the University of Grenoble

The inter-institutional library management team at the University of Grenoble has launched an evaluation of all their services. This follows the completion of the first stage of a programme of improvement works at the Law and Literature libraries, which saw a complete reorganisation of both tasks and management structure, designed to make the service more user-friendly. The programme began in 2006, before “evaluation” became the latest buzzword in librarianship circles. It was launched at the behest of a permanent library task force which announced its aims from the outset: to equip the library with tools to monitor activity within the library as an aid to decision-making. One of the key ambitions was to bring about an improvement in communications, both within the library and within the wider university community. At a time of far-reaching changes in French universities, staff at the Grenoble university library service are fully cognisant of the importance of the evaluation process and lend it their active support.