Violence today

There is two contradictory discourses about violence : the one insists on the regular decreasing of violence dunring the centuries ; the other relies on the development of a new social violence to describe a society threatened by the war of everybody against everybody. Violence cannot be separated from the representation of violence and the secular drop of violence can only make the residual violences intolerable. Further more, the process of civilization, by which the Western societies were pacified by the integration of more and more numerous groups in the society, has given the conditions of a competition, and therefore of the assertion of difference between people who used to live before within distinct worlds. In a context of work becoming scarce, of drop of the profitability of school as instruments of social mobility, violence or threat of its use seems like an efficient mean to satisfy the claims, to express injustice of which one thinks oneself victim and to dramatize the most fundamental aspects of the social experience.